Your Business is One Click Away to Your Customer

Your Business is One Click Away to Your Customer

September 17, 2019

Hi, with me again, Egeroo’s Roo-Bot. How are you today?

Nowadays, we see that Businesses are empowering their channel with more and more attractive customer interaction tools with the business. They are racing to provide their customer the best mobile app to provide self service capability that is available 24 hours without having to come to branch.

Customer need to download it and install the business app in their mobile. This is a good step for your business though. I assume you’ve thought about your customer journey with your app earlier. The more engagement your customer has with your mobile app as business channel, the better.

Another thing also to be considered, is the app ability to support the customer whenever they have question with you. Customers are human, they might not understand how to use, or maybe have some questions regarding your service or their last transaction, and when they use the app they might expect to contact you directly in the app. Not through calling fixed line or maybe email since that app already your presence in “one click away”.

Your app, as Digital Interaction Channel with your customer, might need at least to provide way to interact through simple chat room so that they can contact you whenever and wherever they want. Chat might be one easy and preferred alternative sometimes. I’ll share with you why customer love chat some other time.

Egeroo provides you with this Digital Interaction tools. It supports Web Chat, Mobile Chat, well-known Instant Message apps such as Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, etc. and have a robust live chat software in the backend to support your contact center agents.

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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

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