Enhance Your Customer and Employee Experience with Roo Chat AI Smart-Bot

Experience seamless integration and cost-effectiveness with Roo Chat, designed to boost productivity and optimize operations to meet the evolving demands of your customer and employees.

Enhance Your Customer and Employee Experience with Roo Chat AI Smart-Bot

Experience seamless integration and cost-effectiveness with Roo Chat, designed to boost productivity and optimize operations to meet the evolving demands of your customer and employees.

The challenges of today’s enterprise chat services

To provide standardized service

Crafting a seamless customer experience can be challenging, as different agents may have different communication styles.

To support asynchronous & 24/7
on-demand service

The asynchronous nature of chat communication can disrupt a live agent’s working hours.

To deal with underperforming chatbot

A learning chatbot designed to solve problems may inadvertently create new issues.

Roo Chat is the solution

Roo Chat is more than just a chatbot. It’s an AI Smart-Bot that’s revolutionizing your Customer Service & Employee Experience, all while streamlining operations.

  • Auto-response by AI Smart-Bot promotes self-solving of user inquiries

  • User support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at low cost

  • Maintain a high-quality user experience with seamless hybrid operation with bot and agent

  • Menu type, keyword type, and natural language type can be set according to the application

Our core values

Real time high-speed AI learning with
On-The-Fly Training model

Assisting agents to answer the inquiries that bots cannot answer

Easy knowledge creation without coding

Integrated with various instant messaging services, CRM/SFA systems, and others.

High AI learning accuracy by Sentence Pattern Analysis Algorithm

Implement the fast operation automation and improvement of ROI

How Roo Chat works

Roo Chat’s co-working operational model promotes a smooth deployment process in three stages, ensuring a high-quality user experience while enabling On-The-Fly Training capabilities. This training model allows the bot to be trained in its native environment with a subject matter expert or human agent in an effortless manner.

Agent Works – Bot Learns

Bot Works – Agent Verifies

Bot Works Mostly Independent


True Hybrid Operation

Supports a hybrid operation model that incorporates human assistance to achieve optimal results.

API Management

The Content Management System (CMS) enables easy building of multimedia responses without the need for coding.

Supports from Third-Party System

The API Management module supports the push and pull of data from third-party systems.

Multi Messaging Channel

Support multi messaging channel in one dashboard to improve operation experience.

Content Extraction

Automatically extract and gather relevant information from the conversations it has with customers.

Smart Interaction Scenario

Smart interaction scenario with knowledge builder, intent jumping and API responses.

Outbound Communication

Ready for outbound communication, in which the AI Smart-Bot can initiate conversations with users.

Empower Contact Center

Well-suited for use in a WhatsApp contact center, as it supports a wide range of interaction scenarios through
Roo Chat.

Advantages of Roo Chat AI Smart-Bot

Roo chat by

Supports seamless operation with Silent or Live Agent.

The chatbot determines whether escalation to a silent agent is necessary, increased utilization and efficiency.

More accurate answers based on sentences rather than keywords alone.

The chatbot can be trained directly through live agent interactions without code needed.

Smooth transitions between chatbots and agents that customers will not notice it.

Other chatbot products

Chatbot and Live Agent operate separately.

Customers determine whom they want to communicate with and often ignore the chatbot, preferring an agent, causing the bot to be underused and lose efficiency.

Chatbots rely on keywords and so often misinterpret intent.

Chatbot training requires experts and involves complex code breakdowns, adding operational challenges and taking more time.

The process of moving between the chatbot and the agent is long so the customer needs to wait.

Watch how Roo Chat optimizes your business operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding Roo Chat

What is a Chatbot and what is its purpose in a company?2023-09-21T05:13:57+00:00

A chatbot is a computer program designed to interact with humans through text-based conversations. The main purpose of a chatbot is to assist humans in automating quick and relevant responses to users, similar to conversing with a human, even though it is actually an artificial entity. Chatbots can be used to answer questions, provide information, perform simple tasks, and address common issues.

What is Roo Chat?2023-09-21T05:14:30+00:00

Roo Chat is an innovative chatbot product from Egeroo that is not an ordinary chatbot, but an AI Smart-Bot that can revolutionize your customer experience and employee experience.

What makes the Roo Chat different from other chatbots on the market?2023-09-21T05:15:00+00:00

First, Roo Chat uses a different approach in understanding the questions that users submit to the chatbot. Roo Chat applies Sentence Pattern Analysis instead of using Keyword-based Processing. Sentence Pattern Analysis provides an advantage in the ease and speed of training chatbots without the need to involve IT teams or experts in the field of AI.

Second, Roo Chat applies the concept of True Hybrid Operation between Silent Agent and AI, which maintains the user experience of users when the AI needs assistance from Silent Agent in answering questions from users. With True Hybrid Operation, the transition from Roo Chat to the Silent Agent, or vice versa, is very smooth, ensuring it does not interfere with the conversation between the user and the chatbot.

Can Roo Chat be installed on-premise or is it cloud-based only?2023-09-21T05:15:32+00:00

Roo Chat can be installed on a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. However, to optimize its operation, we recommend implementing it with a Hybrid Cloud scheme if the client chooses on-premises, so that the support we provide can be optimal.

What are the licensing and cost schemes that can be applied for the initial implementation of Roo Chat?2023-09-21T05:16:11+00:00

There are two main cost components for the initial implementation of Roo Chat: the subscription fee for the chatbot itself and the implementation fee. The implementation fee will be charged upfront, while the chatbot subscription will be charged annually. The implementation fee will be influenced by the scope and complexity of the implementation itself, whereas the chatbot subscription depends on the chatbot’s usage volume, determined by the number of conversations entering the system or the average number of active users interacting with the chatbot every month.

Can Roo Chat be integrated with other channels or applications?2023-09-21T05:16:41+00:00

Yes, Roo Chat can be integrated with popular instant messaging platforms in Indonesia, such as: WhatsApp Business API, Line, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. In addition to instant messaging, Roo Chat can also be integrated with a website and mobile applications.

How can company utilize Roo Chat AI Smart-Bot solution?2023-10-12T02:12:19+00:00

You can contact our team through the contact us.

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