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An Intelligent AI Smart-Bot to Enhance Customer and Employee Experience

Experience an impressive and seamless journey to elevate your business productivity with Egeroo’s AI Smart-Bot.

Experience an impressive and seamless journey to elevate your business productivity with Egeroo’s AI Smart-Bot.

Entrust your solution to us

An experienced team of professionals provides top-notch service

We deliver the excellence services and innovative solutions by combining the expertise of our founder, professional staff, and skilled R&D team.

Trusted by many industries

We have been trusted and proven across a multitude of industries, starting from Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Government, Retail, Automotive, to Healthcare.

Honored with certifications and awards from reputable organizations

As an eminent AI solution provider, we’ve recognized and acclaimed with certifications and awards from prestigious institutions like NVIDIA and EY Startup, validating our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.

Why should you choose our AI Smart-Bot?

Ever chatted with computer program that responds just like a human? That’s essentially what a chatbot is! Let’s go further into the future.

Menu Bot

The most common chatbot that can only assists with simple inquiries.

AI ChatBot

Can learn new inquiries, but difficult to train and lock user in unpleasant fallback conversation.

AI Smart-Bot by

Introducing our AI Smart-Bot, conversational ability is seamless, no locked conversation, and smooth transition by supporting direct assistance from agents.

Unleash the power of AI with our highlight features

True hybrid operation

Allow you to seamlessly serve your customers’ queries with AI that can be assisted by a Live Agent when AI doesn’t understand and needs Live Agent assistance.

On-The-Fly training

Allows the AI to be trained by agent while simultaneously serving the customers, avoiding any interruptions with the robot operation. This training process is faster and more efficient than traditional AI chatbots.

Experience the difference

Better Accuracy AI models

Our AI Smart-Bot offer higher accuracy through a sentence-based learning. Also we support mixed languages and pattern learning to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of our chatbot.

Sentence Pattern

Our AI engine works by cross-referencing incoming requests or sentences with its training dataset. When the confidence score is deemed high, our AI will respond automatically.

Faster AI Performance

Our chatbot utilizes On-The-Fly Training through live agent interactions, allowing the bot to learn and improve continuously. With our deployment of machine learning AI, there is no need for manual task management.

No code AI Training Process

We has developed a groundbreaking machine learning model that eliminates the need for programming or technical expertise to train the AI system.

Our accomplishments in chatbot operations


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Trusted by many companies

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