Support freetext and omni language communication style.

Support free-text and Omni language communication style, RooC can handle a natural daily conversation style.

Our Uniques operation & AI combination Brings accurate conversation to enhance User Experience.

Combination of our uniques operation and AI technology allows more accurate conversation understanding, thus it enhances the user experience.

Enhance your Virtual Agent skill in weeks.

Achieve higher automation faster. Our unique operation model allows RooC bot to learn faster and increase its automation level faster.

Our Features

Support hybrid operation model with human to achieve

Content Management System (CMS) – easy building multimedia responses with no coding

API Management module to support push & pull data from 3rd party system

Support multi messaging channel in one dashboard to improve operation experience

Support content extraction from interaction

Smart interaction scenario with knowledge builder, intent jumping, & API responses

Virtual agent can Initiate conversation with user with Outbound Features.

Suitable for Whatsapp Contact Center since RooC VA support many interaction scenario

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