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The challenges

High volume of citizen services & support

The large volume of citizen inquiries related to services, regulations, and information can be difficult to manage, leading to long wait times and decreased citizen satisfaction.

Government limited hours

Government typically have set working hours, but citizens might have questions or need assistance outside those hours.

Complex processes and forms

Government processes can be complex and filling out forms can be confusing for citizens, leading to frustation and a negative experience.

Leverage Roo Chat as your company’s solution

Citizens support availability

Roo Chat can provide 24/7 support and guidance to citizens, ensuring they receive the assistance they need at any time of day or night. This can help improve citizen satisfaction levels and reduce the workload for staff by automating routine tasks.

Instant processes

Roo Chat can provide instant processes to answer citizen inquiries, reducing complex flow and improving the overall citizen experience. Roo Chat can provide real-time support and guidance to citizens, ensuring they receive accurate and timely information and support.

Consistent information

Roo Chat can provide consistent information to citizens, ensuring that they receive the same information and guidance every time they interact with the chatbot. This can help eliminate confusion and reduce errors, improving the overall citizen experience.

Feedback and Surveys for Government

Roo Chat can provide feedback and surveys to citizens, allowing Government to capture valuable insights into citizen satisfaction levels and areas for improvement. This can help Government improve their services and deliver a higher level of value to citizens.

Leverage the public service through an apt adaptation of technology

One of the ministries in Indonesia has utilized our chatbots to help the public to access frequently asked questions (FAQs), ranging from permit submissions, event details, grievance reporting, to general information such as the names of the current minister and director-general. With Roo Chat, they can accelerates government interactions, streamlining citizen engagement for faster and more efficient service.

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