Our Story

Egeroo was founded in response to the interaction needs in today’s market.

Business Interaction

We see many challenges faced by Enterprise companies in deploying a good business chat operation model. In the business world, 96% of interactions between companies and customers are carried out using various digital chat platforms

CS Challenges

The increasing number of customers and Digital nature which require service to be available 24 hours, resulted in the increasing need for companies to employ more customer service.

*This method is very ineffective because The company must spend a lot of capital to hire employees as customer service along with their supervisor also complex selection and training process.

AI Challenges

With the development of science and technology, humans have discovered Artificial Intelligent technology in the form of a robotic system that can be trained to recognize and respond to customer questions / requests. This technology is used to help customer service work in interacting with users more effectively and efficiently.

But deployment of AI turns out also has several challenge such as:

  • Companies need to hire expensive and time-consuming experts to train the robotic system.
  • Many of the customer’s questions cannot be answered correctly and may not even be answered at all.

Our Solution

Armed with experience and expertise in the contact center field and combined with expertise in the field of AI, we formed a Virtual Agent RooC Product to answer the challenges faced by Enterprise in the field of digital interaction.

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