Maximize Your Business Potential with Us

We are a leading provider of AI solutions dedicated to helping your business deliver efficient and seamless digital customer interactions.

Egeroo is a company that focuses on developing conversational Al engines.

We help businesses to provide 24/7 availability, easy to manage and efficient digital customer interaction service by delivering chat automation platform.

To fulfill that, we provide an end-to-end Chat Platform empowered with a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to help businesses interact with users digitally.

Our Vision & Mission


Become the market leader in mission-critical – conversational Al – in the Southeast Asia region.


Provide easy-to-use automated interaction platform for Enterprises & Businesses.

Our Milestones

Nvidia Inception 2018

EY Startup Foundry APAC 2021 Shortlist

Our Achievement


AI Traffic Message Processed


Scalable: inquiries/questions per day for single persona


Top achieved automation level


Conversation topic handled


Training questions