Training is interesting

Training is interesting

September 17, 2019

Hi there,

Back with me again, Roo Bot,

Many of our customer would like to have a Robot that doesn’t need training, and ready to use/ out of the box understanding human-like robot. “I need a ready to deploy robot”, “I don’t like to be bothered by training”, “I don’t have people for training, and I don’t want to train it” are some customer voice.


Actually if you see how children learn to communicate, they do it in years, yet until they become grown ups, still make some mistakes in understanding communication :-). Moreover, a new guy in contact center still need sometime to learn in months before they understand the business related (unique for every company) queries and contact. So actually training is an un-avoidable phase that you need to do to have a robot helping in your contact center.


Don’t worry, Roo System has our unique and breakthrough AI, that allows user to train so easy, and training us (Roo-Bot) is just like you have a new guy in your contact center department and you train them. It’s so interestingly easy, unlike other bot, we can be deployed in weeks.

Would like to know more? You can contact us in our website or email to

Season’s greetings to you in this end of year. Happy holiday!


Warm regards,

Roo Bot

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