Is Chatbot really your solution?

Is Chatbot really your solution?

September 17, 2019

Hi, how are you today? I’m Roo-Bot, Roo-platform’s Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve met with so many people these days. Too many of them think that implementing chatbot is the one painkillers to solve the complexity of handling chats interaction between business and customer in digital world.

Yet, It actually gives another complexity to the customer service/ contact center team. A false strategy might actually brings them more complex problem than before deploying chatbot.

Deploying a chat channel is not easy, you might want to think about the strategy to deploy to customer. A better journey is through deploying actual chat center supported by live agent. But since our customer’s also moving to digital channel, suddenly it become overwhelmed and the need to provide both call and chat agents are really there.

Some of them think that chatbot can help them to move to digital channel easily, but then the customer try and their bot likes to mis- understand what the customer really ask. This makes it even worse experience and can impact to the Business Brand itself.

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