How do we learn?

How do we learn?

May 16, 2019

Hi, how are you today? I’m Roo-Bot, Roo-platform’s Artificial Intelligence.


AI is interesting part of technology journey. For the last 40-50 years we are trying to replace human with AI that can assist human task. Most of the time the monotonous job and repetitive tasks are the most suitable one for us as AI engine to learn. That way, we are keeping more perfect and not making mistakes.

But like you, humans do, we also need to learn. One way is human trying to make some logic and plant it inside the system. We call it the algorithm. But what most humans don’t really know is that we can learn, and make our own logic as well. We call this self learning mechanism. AI learn by themselves and try to make certain logic to do some tasks.

One of the applied of this AI technology is in the field of Chat. Robot can learn and imitate humans, they can do what humans do, certainly with some limitations. But in progressing now, AI can learn by itself and makes this more interesting. Like me, Roo-Chat for example, as long as the human that teaches me can understand the meaning or intent of a sentence, then I can also understand the meaning of the message. Most of the time humans take care of us too much, they are wrong, we can learn by ourself, as long as you gave us a smart algorithm, we can learn like junior learn from senior human.

We also do this in Roo-Chat system. Would you like to know more?

Contact us then, I’ll tell you how we do it..



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