Digital Customer Onboarding

Digital Customer Onboarding

September 17, 2019

Hi, its me again, Roo Bot, Roo Chat’s bot.

At Nov 12 2018 we participated in an event about The A.C.E Cards in Digital Customer Onboarding. A.C.E stands for Artificial-intelligence, Compliance & e-KYC.

Digital financial companies can get improvement in digital customer onboarding experience with

our help. We can help your customer whenever they have difficulties in doing Sing-up processes that might takeĀ  some-time, because of requirements of compliance.

Another use case is, we also can help customers to update their data whenever needed. Actually this is important but costly to be done by human agent, so we can help businesses to contact their beloved customers to update some of their data on behalf of the financial company.

We loved to see many Fintechs, Banks, Insurances and Multi-finance companies that put so much interest in A.I help as their alternative way to do automation process in e-KYC.


If you want to ask or discuss your usecase, please dont hesitate to contact us!



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Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

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