Hello people,


Been such busy days since early year. We have been implementing our solutions in some industry respective market leaders. Some of them are FMCG, FSI and Automotive.

Fast forward to April 2019, we joined an event held by Datacomm Diangraha called Datacomm Solution day. This year’s topic is related with modern Financial Service Industry (FSI) approach using cloud solution. Many solution providers local and regional are attending this event to give some perpective on how the technology can support FSI businesses.

Our part, well of course being to be able to support customer service, contact center- to be specific. We provides some use cases where our virtual agent solution can gives values to the business. REAL VALUES, so that your business goals aligned with AI implementation. Because sometimes people gets blurred about their success criteria when implementing this intelligent tools. Don’t get framed into “me too” actions, contact us for discussion. We will help you to calibrate your target with Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation for your business.