One Solution for All Messaging

Equip your business with our trained chatbot which performs on
multiple messaging channels simultaneously.

Complete Chat Platform

Sit back and relax, we have provided a platform where you can customize and manage everything as needed with ease and without coding.

Designed Exclusively for
Roo Bot AI

All things are wrapped for all your customer service needs. It fully accomodates every resources you’ll need to serve your customers!

Enable AI assisted

We build our own AI machine learning which specifically corresponds to our digital platforms.

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Agent can directly refer to history of conversation and pick up the chat
easily. Customers don’t need to repeat their query again. This will help
increase customer experience.

Improve agent effectiveness with Roo Chat platform to handle
several conversation at the same time.

As agent, one screen to do all operation is important. All
source (from website, mobile app, instant messengers) will
combined into one screen. Agent can just focus on
answering customer query.

Set assignment method easily. Agent can escalate/ transfer
chat when necessary.

Respond faster with Unique (suit the messenger, e.g LINE
answer for LINE messenger) pre-build answers that will help
agents to do more in less time.

Respond even faster with machine learning AI to support
Agent whenever agent has doubt to answer.

Self – serve queries
OPEX reduction
CSAT improvement
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Simple, flexible pricing options

Find a perfect plan that suits your business

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