About Our Product

Support your business with messaging that offers unique offering for digital customer interaction within an environment consisting human, A.I. and automated services to create interesting ways to interact with your customers.

RooC for Live Chat

Going the live chat journey will provide new interesting ways to interact with your customers.

RooC for A.I Chat

Our A.I enable your customer service model by personalized automated service

Improve Business and
Services to Customer

Our A.I can help business to serve customer’s problem better in a smart and communicative way. A.I will provide communication channel that customer loves and understand the requests as well as accommodate many tasks which are connected to many systems.

Easy to Operate
and Maintain

A.I will bring value to operation as Virtual Agent can learn very fast and keep updated easily which will result in increasing efficiency to business as a result of applying automation services.

Silent Assistance
and Training

RooC’s unique training model enable robot trained in native environment with Subject Master Expert (CS). The method of training process runs very fast and simple. Training can be done from live environment or by Customer Service Agent.

RooC Summary

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