State of the Art NLP Engine to Support Excellent Customer Experience

Our world-contender NLP gives everyone the power to go-live with multilingual, real-time text and voice conversational agents in 1 week! All of this with no-developer and no-data scientist dependency.

More Accurate

Understand indirect sentence, intent changes and free-text conversations in interacting with your Customers. Our Engine is specially built for conversational interaction to support Enterprises Contact Centers accuracy needs.


We harness machine learning technology to enable machine learn in their own way, not in human’s. Our engine can learn business specific wording and languages 10 times faster than conventional NLP engines.


Deploying proven Information Security Standard Practices to enable Enterprises-grade requirement in Data Communications. Your Training data and Bot Knowledge will not be used to improve the AI in other environment. It will be your business’ intelectual property.

Deliver Enterprise Grade – Contact Center Chat Automation Needs

Automatically the chatbot elevates their response quality based on the continuous incoming of chat history.
Ability to handle multiple sessions at once, resulted in efficient time usage.
All operations can be accessed from one screen to optimize practicability.
Seamless hybrid operation between live agents and chatbot, your customers won’t be distracted by the transition as service quality remains the same.
Compose the right answers that voice your brands well, to strengthen engagement with customers.
Smart system with Artificial Intelligence that will provide answers & solutions for your customers.
Self – serve queries
OPEX reduction
CSAT improvement
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