The History Behind Our AI Company


igital technology has changed the people’s interaction style. Many businesses around the world now integrate their digital communication strategies to reach their customers.

Egeroo aims to help businesses to deliver excellent customer experience and easy day-to-day operation in handling modern days digital customer interaction through chat.

We’ve been helping businesses through our Chat Platform, and continuously perfecting it to provide a combination of human and artificial intelligence (A.I)  so that they can perform automated yet personalized services to the level of human agent.

Your Customer Experience is very important for you. We understand that and that’s the reason we develop Roo Product Suite.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Meet our team who always strive for excellence in service and quality.

YuliantoCo-Founder & CEO
Yulianto’s Background is from IT banking, insurance & contact center industry. Over the last 25 years has been actively involved in cloud platform, application and development and deployment in the financial industry.
His role as leader of R&D team one of major contact center player in region with more than 5.000 seats that serve Financial Industry & Retail Companies in the ASEAN region has made him knowledgeable in financial customer interaction processes & channels and also the technologies behind it.
Fernandes Lambert
Fernandes LambertCo-Founder & Chief of Business Development
Combining of background in IT & Industrial (Double Degree Programme) in Binus University, & Postgraduate degree in Business Management of UGM State owned University, also career in Technology Business since 15 years ago, Fernandes has developed the network, experience & knowledge in Financial Services Technology. He also involved development of Mobile Banking & Payments cloud solutions in early adoptions of Mobile Banking solutions in several banks in Indonesia.

Market Presence

Currently Egeroo covers some regional market on ASEAN &Hong-Kong. Egeroo has partners across ASEAN (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and Hong Kong to provide local Implementation and Support teams.


Egeroo is collaborating with AWS Cloud to provide Flexible, Robust and Secure Platform for our respective customers worldwide.

Used by over 1.5 Bio people worldwide, makes WhatsApp as the most used interaction channel for Businesses to their respective customer. Egeroo provide WhatsApp Official API Services for our Customers combined with Roo Chat Platform.

Egeroo is Nvidia’s official Inception Startup company in Indonesia, we develop our solution to utilize GPU computation to support our R & D in intelligent  interaction and computer vision.

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